TESLA Group MMC is one of the leading Electro-Mechanical contracting and supplier companies in Azerbaijan, undertaking major Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Low Current System projects. TESLA Group MMC strives on a continuous basis to supply high Standard services through innovation and on-going investment in highly professional administrative personnel, engineering staff and specialized technicians. Our operations arealigned with a firm focus on Health and Safety Environment and Quality concerns with abun-dant resources of extremely skilled and self-motivated engineers and staff which makes us a perfect choice for solving any kind of electro - mechanical works. Our principle activities include design, installation, testing, corn-missioning and maintenance of electro-mechanical works. TESLA Group MMC has expertise and experience to provide a wide range of electro-mechanical services as follows:


  • MV distribution, Cells, Transformers 
  • LV distribution, Panel Boards, Cable tray and cabling works 
  • Low Current systems, CCTV, IPTV, Card Access, Security, Sound and Music systems 
  • Data and Network systems
  • Fire Alarm and Public Address System
  • Facade Lighting


  •  HVAC (Heting, Ventilation and Air Condditioning) Works
  • Plumbing Works
  • Drainage Works
  • Fire Fighting     
  • BMS (Building Management System)




• Engineering consultancies, Technical Assistances, Maintenances and Procurements

• Design, Préfabrication, Erection and Commisioning of all new installations up to final Completion

• Operation, Training and Maintenance Services including spare parts, Consumables

• Refurbishment and upgrading of MEP Systems

• Coordination with local authorities and obtaining approvals • Value Engineering & Design Services




The basis of our existence to successfully develop, produce and deliver high - quality engineering solutions, contributing to a better quality of life and a healthy environment.


TESLA Group aims to become a global player in the sector, signing under the prestigious pro-jects for tomorrow's world of business, harmonizing innovative and progressive technology with its experiences.




Tesla Group provides customer satisfaction and proactive working in each project around the world with its international staff who consider serving perfect serving as a principle. For sustaining this perfection, Tesla Group attaches importance to following and executing all developments in administrations of modern human resources. Tesla Group stages effective and productive operation in human resources process starting with employing the right candidate to become a high-performance company. The company places the staff into the most suitable positions, rates their performances and contribute their professional development by required trainings. For this reason, each employee of Tesla Group is a perfect employee. If you would like to join Tesla Group family,To send us your resume, you can use the address


As TESLA Group, we believe in total compliance. Our quality assurance practices ensure we follow systematic procedures and business processes, to provide quality work product to all our valued clients. Our goal is to provide quality engineering with most reliable and efficient resources, to meet our total compliance objective. TESLA Group strives hard to deliver high performing installations, project set - ups, and superior quality products and possibly exceed customer's expectations each time. TESLA Group's Quality Management System ensures that its employees follow quality standards in accordance with the requirement of ISO 9001. To address new challenges and achieve continuous progress in delivering quality services to its clients, TES A Group reviews its quality objectives and targets regularly. This is accomplished through quality audits on all administrative activities and operational activities across functions. TESLA Group's leadership is responsible that its quality management system is understood, applied and sustained at every level. This Quality Policy Statement is an illustration of TESLA Group's overall business vision direction.



TESLA Group firmly believes in the significance of health and safe working practices of our employees, as it forms the fundamental part of the effectiveness and the efficiency of our management. As an organization and the employer, we do acknowledge our commitment, so far as reasonably practicable, in ensuring for the health and safety of our employees, public health and nottoendan-gerourenvironment. TESLA Group will put consistent efforts: To provide adequate control of the health and safety risks arisingfrom our work acivities. To consultwith our employees on mattersaffectingtheir health and safety. To provide and maintain safe plant and equipment. To ensure safe handling and use of machineries. To provide information, instruction and supervision for employees. To ensure all employees arecompetent to do theirtasks and givethem adequate training. To prevent accidents and causes of work related ili health. To maintain safe and health working conditions, and to review this policy as necessary at regularintervals.



TESLA Group, recognizes the need for operating its business and providing the products and Services it supplies in a manner that adopts the changing environmental priorities and legislation requirements. In order to achieve this, our activities will be organized and managed through an Environmental Management System designed around the IS014001; 2015 Environmental Standards. Every employee will support and will be fuIly committed to its implementation. TESLA Group will strive to; • Meet and possibly exceed the requirements of all, applicable legislation and regulations. • Seekto reduce the consumption of primary material in all operations, reuse rather than dispose wheneverpossible, promoterecycling and ensure that the methods of disposal are safe. • Strive to reduce the overall amount and toxicity of emissions, discharges, the natural environment or the public and communities in which it operates. • Develop, implementand monitor sitespecificcontrol measuresinordertopresentpollution. • Assess newdevelopments, processesand procedures for environmental and ecological impact before. • Educate, train and motivate employees to carry out their activities in an environmentally responsible manner, in accordance with the company Environmental Management System and objectives. • Undertake regular monitoring, environmental audits and reviews of the company's activities againstthe Environ-mentəl System, policy and set objectives and targets in order to achieve continual improvement.




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